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A Lifetime of Experience

Meet Rob. His fishing journey got started in Ontario with his father as a young child targeting chinook salmon in Lake Huron and lake trout in Ontario’s northern region. His family then moved back to his home province of Newfoundland where he learned how to hand-line monster Atlantic Cod and traverse the many lakes and tributaries chasing brook trout and landlocked salmon. Years later, after moving to Miramichi, NB he discovered the many unique fisheries in the Maritimes, targeting everything including trout, arctic char, striped bass, smallmouth and largemouth bass, perch and the mighty Atlantic salmon.

Completely devoted to figuring out the species he’s targeting, Rob will travel to the most remote locations and obsess over their patterns and behaviours. Even spending days and sometimes weeks on a lake or river. With his keen attitude and calm demeanor, he was told by friends and family that he's a natural born fishing guide. So, In 2019 Rob created Tangled Angling and hasn't looked back. He continues to push forward and educate himself and others on new species, places, tactics, presentations, and patterns. Be sure to say "Hello" as Rob is never afraid to share his fishing secrets or point someone in the right direction.

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