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Ask us about booking your spot to embark on an unforgettable New Brunswick fishing adventure!

A First Class Fishing Experience

Launch on a remarkable angling adventure with an expert guide, navigating the pristine waters of Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada and beyond. With a passion for multi-species angling and extensive local knowledge, we ensure an immersive and rewarding experience. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice seeking the thrill of your first catch, we'll tailor your angling adventure to you!


Miramichi Striped Bass

Striped bass fishing on the Miramichi River offers anglers a unique and unforgettable  experience. The river, renowned for its pristine waters and abundant fish population, attracts fishing enthusiasts from far and wide. The Miramichi River provides a diverse range of fishing opportunities, from fly fishing in its upper reaches to using traditional bait and lures downstream. The Miramichi River is the number one destination for those seeking to battle the striped bass!


Atlantic Salmon

Spring salmon fishing on the Miramichi River is a cherished tradition that draws anglers seeking the thrill of hooking these robust and silver-scaled beauties. Anglers eagerly cast their lines into the cool, rushing waters, anticipating the powerful pull of a spring salmon. Whether fly fishing or using traditional methods, anyone can have their shot at a wild Atlantic Salmon!


"Went twice this past fall with different parties. Rob is an awesome and knowledgeable guide! Put us on the fish each and every time! Caught a ton of stripers! Thanks a bunch Rob! My family and friends had a fabulous time!"

Glenn, 54

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